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Bilge water separators TMPB 1.0 – 10.0.
Marine application. Low pressure two-stage separators from carbon steel. Painted in-and outside.

SKF Marine GmbH ( ex Blohm+Voss Industries GmbH), Germany

2005 – till now

Marine loading arms 4” – 16 “

EMCO Wheaton GmbH, Germany, part of Gardner Denver Group

Structural components and product lines for LPG / LNG / petrol, etc. fuels. On-shore assembly at ports – used for charging and discharging ships , which carry fuels. Made of carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel and some product lines – stainless steel. Work at different pressure, depending on the project. 100% X-ray control on the product lines.

2005 – till now

Dryer vessels, Dryer units for the inert gas systems, scrubbers, etc.

Alfa Laval Nijmegen B.V, The Netherlands (prev. Aalborg Industries Inert Gas Systems)

Marine application. Carbon steel pressure vessels, piping, base frame, etc. Complete system is pressure tested after final assembly.

2006 – till now

Combustion chamber, washing tower, filter vessels and elements, burner house and burner lance

Alfa Laval Nijmegen B.V, The Netherlands (prev. Aalborg Industries Inert Gas Systems)

Marine application. Produced in stainless steel 316L, 904L. Part of the complete system for production of inert gas on the ship. Finish – pickling and glass blasting

Water tube boilers for industrial purpose.

Alfa Laval Aalborg, Denmark (prev. Aalborg Industries A/S)

2008 – till now

Heat exchanger

RUMP Equipments SA, France

2008 – till now

Filtration systems, burning chambers


For industrial purpose – automotive industry – part of the painting lines.

2009 – till now



Tanks for different application – part of a painting line for automotive industry. Combination carbon and stainless steel.

2009 – till now

Spark arrestors, silencers

UNIVERSAL Acoustic & Emission Technologies

Marine and industrial application.

from 2011

Tube Heat exchangers

Marine and industrial application.

Made of stainless steel or brass.

2010 - till now

Evaporation units

LUCKOIL Neftochim, Burgas

Industrial purpose. Made of carbon steel.

November 2015

Steam and water boilers, heat exchangers, coolers, filters, pressure tanks, etc.

BULYARD Shipyard, Bulgaria

Till 2012

Aluminium plates aligning section

ALCOMET Plc, Shumen

Industrial purpose.


Fuel tanks

Alcomet Plc, Bulgaria

2008 - till now