Vocation Training Center at KMM AD

Welding courses

The VTC at KMM AD organizes welding courses covering the following processes:
– Process 111 – Shielded Manual Arc Welding (SMAW);
– Process 131/ 135 Welding with melt wire in protective gas (MIG / MAG);
– Process 141 Welding with non-melting tungsten electrode in inert protective gas (TIG).

Three levels of training apply to each of the above processes:
– Welder of fillet welding joints;
– Welder of sheet metal components;
– Pipe welder

Any queries concerningtraining arrangements and further details can be referred to Diana Docheva – Secretary of the Vocational Training Center (VTC)

Phone: 054/ 850 225

Fax: 054/ 830 655


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